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With the sweltering heat and rising temperatures, summer in our city is never an easy time. You find yourself exhausted more often, dehydrated and avoid going out much. Ice creams, cold beverages and just anything chilled is what everyone looks for to get through the day. Previously, there were fewer options as to where you could go in the summer, alone or with family and get your fix of something to beat the heat but now, Lush Crush has changed the game.

Now, a lot of you may already be familiar with this little ice pop shop that took the local food scene by storm.  Their ice pops have become very popular amongst both children and adults due to their natural ingredients and health factor. You don’t have to compromise on your fitness regime or worry about sugar intake while indulging in these delicious popsicles!

During my earlier meeting with Ayesha Samie, the brainchild behind this Popsicle shop, I discovered how much she stresses upon the health aspect of her products. When Lush Crush came into being, it began to instantly attract people by presenting them with dessert options which are flavorful, natural and preservative-free, and also handcrafted. Since then, the venture has stayed true to its essence and you can see the success right there!

Starting from Bukhari Commercial, DHA, the joint has expanded to Tipu Sultan, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and also Malir Cantt. While, my team and I visited their Bukhari branch due to convenience, I definitely look forward to trying out their other branches as well.

This time, our visit was in the middle of a very hot day and the icy pops were just what we needed to refresh. Since, my experience at Lush Crush has always been incredible and I am a fan of their icy range as well as the creamy one, I usually have a hard time deciding what I want to try. A number of their icy popsicles are made from seasonal fruits so when you visit in the winters, so you will delicious options such as orange and spicy orange which are a must have in Karachi winters!

However, the summer is just your time to experiment with everything they have to offer because you can never really go wrong with Lush Crush. They are a pioneer in the industry and have paved the way for others to follow. Much like their introduction of ice pops to the market, Lush Crush is also the first ever place to serve fresh juice slushes and sorbets at their Tipu Sultan and Gulshan branches. It’s an instant pick-me-up in the humid weather and a visit here might just make your day.

If you are worried about calories or weight gain, you don’t have to. Each item comes with the amount of calories written right next to it so if you are particular about that, it’s easy to keep a check on your calorie count.

Yes, you can see that I cannot recommend this place enough and why, let me just tell you!

What’s Not to be Missed!

My team and I went in searching for options that would instantly help us regain our energy as well as have a cooling effect, and we were not disappointed.


I had wanted to try this for a long time and finally got my hands on it. The Falsa ice pop is from their icy range and also very much in demand, much like the fruit. It is perfectly balanced in flavors, does not have any artificial additions and is not too overpowering. You also get a slight taste of Kala Namak for that authentic summer feel!


Well, who isn’t a fan of mangoes? I am sure that it’s the one thing we look forward to in this season and Lush Crush’s Mangolicious can definitely satisfy all your cravings. The mango popsicle is your answer to your mango fix and it’s as close to eating frozen mango as you can get. You do not want to miss out this flavorful treat with the right blend of tangy and sweet!

Nutti Yogi

If you a fitness freak and are looking to indulge in a healthy treat, this is it! The Nutti Yogi is one from their Greek Yogurt range and contains an ideal balance of nuts and raisins which we surely loved. It’s sweetened with honey and is great for children as well since it’s not a sugary item.  This was an instant hit with us and will become your favorite too!

Black Forest

This is another one from the creamy range that you do not want to overlook. It will definitely be much loved by the children for its unique flavor and taste. If you feel adventurous, you can try it out for yourself too!

Triple Dutch  

Now, everyone has heard of Double Dutch and loved it as well, which is why, the Triple Dutch is a must have! It’s a burst of flavor that will make you want to come back it again and again. You may not even be a fan of creamy chocolate delights, but this one is nothing like any usual ones. It’s well-balanced in everything and does not have a high amount of sugar either.

Keto Range

We tried the Keto Berry from this range and it turned out to be quite different. The berries may have slightly overpowering but it certainly is a good option for those looking to stay true to their diet and not give up on the occasional treat!



Lush Crush is one of my favorite places no matter what time of the year it is where I don’t have to worry about enjoying fruity treats or indulging in sweets with high sugar content or artificial flavoring.  They also have a delivery option, so you can have them within the comfort of your own home too.

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