Beauty Gone Wrong: It Really Happened

What I am about to talk about here is every girl’s nightmare come true! You know those situations which only seem like they exist in comedies where women go to beauty salons and everything goes wrong with them? Well, these can happen in real life too and then it’s really not fun and games anymore!

We come across so many beauty salon horror stories that are actually quite scarring, literally and figuratively. In fact, it’s not just me who has become afraid of trying out new salons or experimenting with beauty trends, but a lot of women and girls are getting hesitant to opt for something different. This is primarily because almost all of us have either heard horror stories about beauty treatments at salons or seen it happen. Many of you have even become victims to these disasters at some point or the other.

Sometimes, a few of these stories turn out to be quite humorous and might not have led to any serious consequences, however, the majority of such incidents leave the people involved traumatized for a long time.  Other than that, mishaps which occur at beauty salons can take several days or even months to be fixed. There is nothing one can really do to make things better other than wait it out.

If you have ever been a victim of a salon disaster, you know that until everything goes right again, you just have to put up a brave face and take on the world!

We reached out to numerous girls to find out their beauty salon horror stories and how they handled the situation. Here are some of the responses that made us cringe and will get to you too!

Not So Rosy!
I went to a nearby beauty salon in a rush and sadly, it was an incredibly regretful decision. They actually stripped off my skin while waxing my face. I almost had a heart attack when I looked at myself. The pain was unbearable as well.
Let’s just say I made the mistake of going to that beauty salon and it’s never going to happen again. Never ever.

Eyebrow Regret
I went to this salon in my vicinity and experienced the biggest eyebrow disaster of my life. The lady who worked there plucked my eyebrows from the start and left me with a slit in between them for months. When I saw what had happened, I told the woman to rip off her eyebrows as well. She had made me very angry at that time.

Straight No More!
About ten years ago, I went to a salon to get rebonding done as there was a demonstration by the vendor supplying the treatment. She left the product in for longer than she should have, given that my skin is quite sensitive and my hair was not very thick. In the end, half my hair got burnt off and there was a patch in it for years. Due to this disastrous incident, I never got rebonding done again.

Gone with a Snip
My sister and I went to a salon as we had to get fringe haircut for her. This girl who was giving my sister the cut literally just picked up the scissors and chopped her hair half through the forehead in one movement. Mostly, hair-stylists make sure that hair are never cut in one go so that they can manage the length. However, this happened in seconds and we were all just horrified. My sister started crying then and there. We created a scene and called the owner. The owner came up and apologized. She, herself was shocked at what that woman, who was a quite senior stylist at the salon, had done.  Anyhow, the owner tried to better the haircut in different ways and styles but the damage had been done. My sister was traumatized!


Orange is the new Golden

This one is very recent and I would say, mostly my own fault. I have been dying my hair red for years and decided to go blonde all of a sudden. I wanted golden highlights to be exact. The girl at the salon told me beforehand that the color red is almost impossible to cut down without frying the hair. I still asked her to go for it. She began the process and when she got around to bleaching and washing my hair, it had turned orange! Yes, and that also, the worst kind of orange, like ‘halwa puri ka halwa’ orange! The lady got so scared and I was just laughing. She said that she could try and fix it but I told her to let them be. By the time I came home, my hair had become neon orange, similar to the color of clown’s wig. In the end, got myself a box of red dye to cover that up and gave up on my dream to go blonde!

Chop Chop!
I wouldn’t exactly call it a disaster but when it happened at that time, I was heartbroken. Basically, I had very long hair and was looking for a haircut which would bring them to shoulder-length. One of my friends recommended this new hairstylist and thought that I should go see that person. I went there and told the people what I wanted. As the hairstylist was cutting my hair, we began to chat and I did not really noticed that he had chopped off almost all of my length. When it was done, my hair was chin-length. I did not confront him or anybody and just went home without saying a word. However, when I got home, I cried a lot and had to wait for a long time for my hair to grow back.

Burning and Bleeding
Now, this was really a long time and it was my sister’s wedding in three days. I usually dye my own hair but during those days my family and friends convinced me to go to a salon. Well, I decided to go with it and went to the salon for a new hair color. The hairstylist left the bleach in for longer than she was supposed to and it almost fried my scalp. It began to hurt so badly that I was unable to even my brush my hair for days after that. The color on my hair was also not what I had asked for and I thought I could fix it at home, however, the hair dye started to bleed all over my face and I had to rush to another salon for immediate damage control. I literally thought about wearing a wig to my sister’s wedding but a friend stepped in and managed to make it better.

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