Beauty ON THE GO!

A good makeup look should never be compromised! Running late to work or a party? Fret not! We have your makeup kit ready. Carry these makeup bag essentials and be ready to turn heads.


Sunblock is a must for protecting skin from the harmful UV rays. You must never forget to apply sunblock at any cost.


In order to combat blackheads or oily pores apply primer evenly all over face.


You don’t need to worry about an uneven skin tone when you have the right foundation. Perfect foundation application is the secret to a ravishing look.

Foundation powder

Fix up your base with a foundation powder on areas that have high tendency of getting oily.


Your makeup is not done until you apply mascara to give your lashes a luscious touch. Add this product to your makeup bag now!


A little pop of shade can brighten up your entire look. Go for vibrant, funky colors to add a fun element to your personality.


How can anyone not have a highlighter in her makeup bag? Everyone loves a little touch of shimmer to get an instant glow. It’s an essential!


Make sure to remove every pinch of makeup before going to sleep. That is the least you can do for your skin. Let it breathe!


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