Break These Beauty Habits Now!

Now, while a number of bad habits can affect your health and be very damaging in the long run, there are some beauty related habits which require immediate attention. Yes, these beauty habits are incredibly unhealthy for your skin, hair and body. They can really take a toll on a person’s mental health as well as lower their self-confidence, which is why, it’s important to break them at the earliest time.

Here are some bad beauty habits you need to break now!

  • Frequent Nail-Biting

This cannot be stressed upon enough and you might have heard several people talk about it too. Basically, nail-biting is a habit that is closely associated with anxiety and most people begin doing it in their childhood. If you are in the habit of biting your nails, you really need to work on quitting it. This not only damages yours nails and allows germs or bacteria into your body. Try taking better care of your fingertips by getting regular manicures, applying cuticle oil or hand creams throughout the day.

  • Keeping the Same Pillowcase for Long

A lot of people tend to use a pillowcase without changing it for a month or so and that is just a habit which needs to be broken as soon as possible. Even if the pillowcase seems clean and does not require a change, you should still put on a fresh one every two weeks. You might not see it but dirt elements gather on it and can clog your facial skin pores, cause breakouts and irritation. In order to keep your face clean, you must get into the habit of changing your pillowcase regularly.

  • Plucking Grey Hair

You probably already know this but plucking grey hair is a strict no-no. Unfortunately, it’s a habit that many of us develop when we see grey hair but the damage that does is everlasting. While more grey hair may not grow in place of the one you pluck, you may end up permanently destroying your hair follicle and even get bald patches. Try going to the salon to get them fixed.

  • Working out with makeup on

If you are not into the habit of taking your makeup off before working out, it’s time to start doing so. It doesn’t matter whether your makeup is waterproof, you need to take it completely off. When you work out, you sweat through your pores and makeup blocks this process. It can result into acne and various skin problems.

  • Playing with Hair

It may have looked or seemed when you were growing up but this habit can end up damaging your hair extensively. If you find yourself twisting, curling or constantly touching your hair, it’s time to stop. Experts have said that such a habit results in creating stress within your hair and leads to scalp buildups as well. Let them flow as they are!

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