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When it comes to organic foods, one rarely thinks about chicken meat and eggs. You get the ones available in the market and are used to having the regular kind in your every day diet. However, now with more awareness, many of us are concerned with what we are putting into our bodies and its affect on us. Like everyone else, you want to know whether what you are eating is not harming your system or health in any way.

In the recent years, research has shown that the poultry industry is increasingly using elements in their chicken farming or breeding which can end up impacting a person’s long term health. A number studies as well as documentaries showed how chickens were being injected with hormones, given feed or raised in conditions which could lead to serious illnesses in humans.

The harmful effects of the regular chicken meat (broiler chicken) have become commonly known nowadays. One of the health problems this meat is associated with is PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) which causes various issues within women including a chance of infertility.

Despite all this, it cannot be denied that chicken and eggs are an integral part of our meal and unless you are a vegetarian or vegan, you do not really want to take them out from your diet. Then what do you do? Well, there’s the option of free range, organic chicken and of course, organic eggs (desi). This might be more expensive and difficult to cook as we often hear people say that it’s a challenge to cook ‘desi’ chicken meat, but in the end, nothing comes before your health.

Why Organic and Free Range?

A number of people become confused as to the reason behind opting for organic options in chicken and eggs.  The price hike aside, there are various arguments that organic or free range chicken and eggs might not be as nutritious as the regular ones. Well, let me clarify this right here.

There is no difference in either of their nutritional value, in fact, according to a research, eggs from free range chickens actually have more vitamins than the ones you regularly consume. These organic eggs basically have a higher amount of vitamins because of the diet of the free range chickens that they come from.  Basically, when it comes to poultry farming and breeding of broiler chicken, the practices are such that most of the times, the chickens are kept in very poor conditions and their feed contains chemicals as well as harmful elements. Hormones injections are also given to them for faster growth and maturity.

On the other hand, free range or organic chicken is farmed in a way that no chemicals are included in their feed, they are given space to grow healthily and move around and no genetically modifying elements are given to them. These chickens have a higher amount of protein, they make better and healthier eggs, do not result in any hormonal imbalances when consumed and their meat might also be more delicious than the regular one.

When it comes to eggs, you can say that all of them, no matter whether organic, are nutritious and important for body. However, the organic ones might be a better choice if you are actively trying to adopt a more positive and health conscious lifestyle.

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