Health Tips from Around the World

There are so many interesting beliefs and rituals that are followed across the globe for wellness, better healthcare and a healthy, clean living. You can learn so much about different cultures and what people in several other countries practice to eat well and keep physically and mentally fit. Those who travel a lot may be familiar with numerous interesting health tips from various parts of the world but we bring you some right to the comfort of your home!

Here’s our roundup of some useful health tips from around the world!

  • Japan

The appearance of the food matters a lot in this country. Most people in the country focus on how their food looks as it not only makes for an appealing meal but helps them with portion control and healthy eating. When there are more vegetables added on the plate to make it colorful, your calorie intake becomes restricted and you also end up with a high content of mineral and vitamins in your meal.

  • China

Using chopsticks regularly is a widely followed eating custom in the country. Health experts say that it’s actually very good for you to eat with chopsticks as it slows down your eating which results in people eating less food.  This helps in the prevention of weight gain and obesity.

  • France

This might be everyone’s favorite health tip! The French love their food and they want to feel at their happiest when eating so instead eating lots of healthy food they eat less of their favorite food. Basically, what I am trying to say here is that you can eat what you feel like but in controlled portions rather than have a lot of your healthy meal.

  • India

I guess, its one tip we all follow to some extent but just in case you think avoiding spices is the key to eating healthy, well not always. Indians add a lot of spices to their food and usually it works out in their favor since they not only make up for the great taste but also are good for health. Red pepper may help with keeping cholesterol levels low.

  • Mexico

For the Mexicans, lunch is the most important and biggest meal of the day and in a way, they have it right. It is said that the food you eat at night contributes majorly towards weight gain. Once you eat a large meal during lunch, you can have something light for dinner. In Mexico, lunch is actually very elaborate and almost a feast!

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