How to Plan a Wedding in a Low Budget

It may seem impossible at first but if you really put your skills to test, chances are that you will be able to figure out how to throw a memorable wedding within a budget! In the end, you will have a great time with your loved ones, your partner and the families and will have no regrets about one of the most important days of your life.  

When it comes to weddings and their festivities, most of our people have a tendency to go out of way in celebrating them. In our culture, weddings are an incredibly elaborate affair and the festivities preceding and following them can at times last for days. It so happens that couples and families end up spending a lot of money on various events and it does take a toll on the budget. No matter what, even if you try your best to keep the spending limited and set a budget aside, you find yourself going over it.

You see, there is a problem. Other than the fact that weddings in our part of the world are a huge deal and everyone apart from the bride and groom want to be deeply involved in their planning and execution. Traditions and customs which have existed for hundreds of years are still in practice and even if you want to protest or go against them, you eventually give in to your family’s wishes.

If I want to get real about it, let’s just say that even if you want to limit your spending on the wedding, Karan Johar doesn’t let you. Yes, this may sound ridiculous but it’s quite true!  I would say that he exists somewhere in the mind of every girl who has grown up on Bollywood movies. The larger than life portrayal of weddings on film with exotic backdrops, a million dollar wardrobe and everyone just dancing their time away, have just made their way into our dream wedding scenario. You want to really save money and not go overboard but somewhere there is a voice inside your head which reminds you of the fantasy and you somehow try and incorporate a little bit of it in reality.

You can try and limit your spending for your big day but the girl inside does want that Manish Malhotra lehnga or a Sabyasachi outfit that you have always dreamt about. How can you pass it up?  Well, when you spend on one thing, it leads to another and suddenly you are in the middle of this elaborate affair that you never planned for.

Well, you might think this is unavoidable but with good planning and some saving tips, and of course help from your partner and family, you can end up with a great, unforgettable wedding which is all about the bride and groom as it should be. It’s not as if people do not or have not planned weddings successfully within a low budget. Nowadays, our generation in particular, has become quite conscious of overspending on these festivities. You will see a lot of young couples taking matters into their own hands and actively looking for ways to save as much as they can on the wedding. A few may even choose to fund it themselves rather than relying on the parents or families and obviously, they want to work it out in a set budget.

This is not to say that you should compromise on your dream because nobody should have to do that, however, you can be smart about it and save a considerable chunk of money on areas which usually are of little importance later on.

Here are a few ideas you can apply to pull off a wedding in a low budget!

  • Be as detailed in your plans as possible.

This is actually the most essential aspect of wedding planning and your first step into determining the success of the occasion. Have lengthy discussions with the family and your partner so that you can set an overall budget for the entire festivities. Be as detailed and clear as possible about what you want, how many events it’s going to be and where the funds are going to come from (are you paying for the wedding or the parents).

  • Opt for Off-Season.

Basically, this is a neat little trick which will help you budget your wedding. Try to come up with wedding dates which are in the off-season since this way you can get a venue for a cheaper price. Other than that, you can also buy your bridals in an off-season which means that you wouldn’t have to give up on your dream dress as it might be available in a price which you could afford. Going for off-season is going to be quite effective in saving you money.

  • DIY as much as you can.

This may sound like a challenging idea but if you get your friends and family to pitch in and help, you can absolutely make it work. Look up DIY wedding décor ideas and instead of spending a huge chunk of money on hiring a decorator, just get it done without outsourcing. Buy items in bulk such as streamers, papers, balloons or anything else you think you might need and use it as creatively as possible. You can also make your invitations cards by yourself as well!

  • Trim the Guest List.

It’s how you will keep the wedding intimate and avoid going over the set budget. You don’t need to invite your far-fetched relative who you have probably only met once or twice in your life to such a big day. Your wedding is an occasion where only your loved ones should be around you to celebrate. Invite close friends and extended family and keep the guest list concise. There is no need to invite 500 hundred people, many of whom you are not even familiar with.

  • Host events indoors.

You can save a lot of money on venues by hosting the pre-wedding festivities in your house or by getting an indoors place. Outdoor venues are generally expensive and costly to decorate as well. If you are able to, having an event at your house, or your grandparents, or even at a friend’s where there is space, you can decorate it the way you want and avoid spending a considerable chunk on obtaining a space.

  • Delegate tasks.

This will help you be efficient about not only money but time as well. Involve as many family and friends as you can and delegate tasks to them. You can ask a photographer friend to take pictures on one of the events, while a family member could see to the decorations or wedding favors. Instead of hiring an event planner, you can just ask the people close to you for help. Just by giving people responsibilities, you are not only giving them importance but also telling them how big a part they have in your life and within your wedding too!

  • Be Minimalistic with the Flowers

You do not need a whole flower show on your wedding day! Save your money, time and also the flowers by being as minimalistic as you can with them. Tell the decorators that you do not want flowers wrapped around every single thing at the wedding venue or bunches of them on each table. They have a short life span and will probably die soon after the festivities are over. The flowers are also quite expensive and it’s just cutting back on an expense which will be of no good use to you.

  • Look for good catering options.

This will require time, patience and effort. In order to find the right caterer and vendors, you have to look and search as widely as you can. Compare prices, bargain and figure out which one is giving you what you want in a price that is within your budget. Most people tend to spend a lot on quite mediocre catering services because it is quite a task to find the right one. However, all you have to do is take some time and really go on a look around to book a caterer for your big day that not only serves great food but also doesn’t charge you sky high prices.


Happy Wedding Planning!



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