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You know how they say retail therapy is the best, well, it can really help! Some people look at shopping as an effective way to de-stress and if you really know where to shop from, you won’t even regret your purchases in the end. Diva is really the one stop online store that makes shopping and life much easier!

Diva has established a strong online presence since its beginning and guarantees high quality and original products to customers all over Pakistan. They have stocks from numerous brands across the globes and take orders through their Facebook as well as Instagram page. When ordering online, people usually worry about the authenticity of the products and delivery, but with Diva, you can be assured that there will be no compromise on any of those factors.

The team behind this venture promises that they only deal in branded and 100% original items which are imported from USA and UK. If you are looking for a reliable page to place orders from, then Diva should be on your list!

Be it makeup products, shoes, clothes or gadgets, you will find the latest items available here. Both the founders of the page, Hira Javed Saya and Anum Abbasi, are incredibly cooperative and make sure the customer or potential customer is satisfied before placing an order. They answer all the queries and questions which people pose at them to the best of their ability. However, they do advise customer to also place orders after careful research so that there is no problem in the sizes, colors or shapes and everything is exactly as desired.  

Their product and brand range is quite extensive and you will find high end to street wear design houses with them. Diva also retails electronics and gadgets which include smartphones, cameras and laptops. Basically, it doesn’t matter whether you are a tech geek, makeup lover or fashionista, Diva is where you can get your hands on your favorite products!

The Story Behind

Diva is a joint venture which is run by two friends, Hira and Anum, and has been in the business for two years now. Hira had always been passionate about starting an enterprise but had not been able to find the right platform to execute. During this time, her friend Anum reached out to ask her if she was interested in Michael Kors scarves which she could get for her. In a few days, both of them were discussing the idea for Diva and worked upon bringing it to life.

Initially, the duo only took orders for friends and family, but slowly and gradually, their reasonable rates started to attract customers. This is when Diva really took off. More orders began to pour in as different sales were going on. The venture went from small orders to catering to thousands of customers all over Pakistan.

Why Diva

Currently, there are more than sixty thousand people that follow Diva’s Facebook page. Most of them are satisfied customers who order various products through them time and again. They handle around five hundred orders per month and make sure that each client gets exactly what has been ordered. In a tough market, Diva offers authentic products at the best possible rates.









The process for placing an order is also quite simple. They regularly update the products available with prices and you can choose what you like from there. All you have to do is send them a message on their Facebook or Instagram page with the picture or link to the product and place your product. If your desired item is not listed with them, you can reach out with the details and the team will get back with a price quotation.









Customer satisfaction and support is what Diva thrives on and have managed to maintain throughout. It’s why they have grown so rapidly in a short span of time. You can ask for help on placing an order, deciding what you or any other question you may have, and the team will be quick to clarify all doubts.

Their orders are open all year round and the delivery takes about 3-4 weeks, which means that you do not even have to wait for long before your favorite items arrive on your doorstep.










Both Hira and Anum are dedicated to their business and give their all to ensure that the customers get a premium shopping experience. Diva is definitely here to help you live your dreams and there really is no going wrong with them!






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