Looking After Your Bones in Your 30s

If you are nearing your 30th birthday or are already in your 30s, you may have heard people around talk about the importance of maintaining bone health. Now, this is not meant to scare anyone but as women and girls, it is imperative to look after your bones and pay more attention to them once you reach a certain age. This isn’t to say that bone health doesn’t matter as much in your 20s or before, it just requires an additional boost after you turn 30 years old.

You might be thinking that it all has to do with getting older, well, not primarily. You see even those in their early twenties can be faced with bone health issues, and if you do not start caring for your bones earlier on, which most of us rarely do, we become more prone to problems as we age. It mainly has to do with how much time and energy do you spend looking after your health. Most women and girls tend to focus a lot on other areas, such as skin care, increasing the amount of anti-aging creams and serums in use as they grow older. Bone health gets neglected.

Health experts say that people reach their peak bone mass in between the age of 25 to 35, which means that once you are past this mark, you can begin to lose your bone health at a much faster pace. The one way to prevent this is by building bone mass and making sure that bone density stays optimal.

We have found these simple and timeless tips which can help you build and maintain your bone health:

  • Never skip on dairy

A lot of us, as we grow older, tend to skip on dairy and dairy products. Well, there’s a reason why children are told to drink milk again and again. This can really help you in adulthood as well. You need a certain amount of calcium to improve your bone health and dairy provides it. According to various researches, there is a very less percentage of adults who take the recommended amount of dairy each day.


  • Do not avoid the sun

Since many of us are busy in our day to day lives, we rarely get the chance to actually soak up some sun. While calcium is important for your bone health, it alone cannot fight off diseases such as osteoporosis, which is why your body requires Vitamin D. While its supplements can also work, nothing is as effective as getting natural light from the sun.

  • Lift weights

Yes, this can help you strengthen your bones and improve their health. You must try resistance training as well as full body weight bearing exercises which focus on your spine and hips.

  • Decrease your caffeine, nicotine and soft drinks consumption

This sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? However, it can prove to be very challenging. You have to slowly and gradually begin to decrease your intake of caffeine, and nicotine if you smoke and then of course, cut down on soft drinks as well. This has to go on until you have completely kicked all of these unhealthy habits.

  • Know your medications

If you are on any medication, you should be aware of their side effects since a lot of them can have a negative impact on your bone health. Ask your doctor about it or read the label and any other instructions that come with them carefully. This could help you avoid problems in the future.

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