People You Will Meet at Every Workplace

If you are a fan of the TV show, The Office, you may already have an idea as to the type of people one encounters in a workplace environment, Now, while the series might be fictional and exaggerated, it does capture the colorful and rather entertaining characters you can actually find in real life around you. If you look closely and observe, your workplace could be filled with different types of people which fall under certain categories.

It’s not like they just exist in your current work space but you will come across these people in almost every place that you go through your career. You would be surprised to discover that a few of these people are your colleagues and if you cannot think of anybody who comes under any category, well, I hate to break it to you, its probably you!

There is always that one person who will start talking to you in the bathroom or begin drumming their table or clicking a pen when you are trying to concentrate on some important work. You wish you did not have to within the same space with them!

Well, if you have such people around you and want to know which category your annoying co-worker falls under, here you go!


The Always Cheerful

Now, there isn’t anything wrong with being pleasant and cheerful at times but sometimes, it so happens that you want nothing to do with it. After a long weekend  or on a Monday morning when all you want to do is whine and complain about the amount of pending work, your cheerful colleague coming up to you  enthusiastically and talking about something they are working on is the last thing you want. Why so chirpy?

The Doom and Gloom

This person is a stark opposite of the cheerful and always looks or appears miserable. In some situations, it gets to such an extent that you may actually end up sympathizing with them. They see the worst in everything and waste no time in telling you that the world might be coming to an end anytime soon. If a deadline is coming up or a mistake has been made, the doom and gloom will automatically come up with the most pessimistic approach to handling it. You don’t want to be near them for too long or their misery is bound to catch on!

The Overachiever/ Over-Efficient

Your boss or supervisor loves this person as they get everything done smoothly, on time or maybe even way before, and basically makes them look good. Everyone else may not be very happy with the overachiever or the over-efficient person in the workforce since they could be responsible for double the hard work and no rooms for errors. You don’t want to be compared to the co-workers who never watches Netflix at work or whose desk is never messy!

The Complainer

Well, what can you do? I think I may be one of these too! These people are usually found complaining about every single thing under the sun. From their work assignments to meetings, the food or things happening at home. There is time and place for their complaining session, it can begin at anytime and anywhere and you might just be the person caught in the way! Once you start listening to their complaints, chances are that the complainer will make it a point to find you every time they want to whine about something.

The Never-On-Time-for-Anything

Everybody knows a person like this and if they don’t, they are that person! They are not very particular about punctuality or should I say they don’t believe in it. In your workplace, this person is usually always late and reports well past the starting time, is found running in to meetings or conferences after they have begun and you will mostly found them out of breath either rushing by you or around you.  It doesn’t matter if you tell them an earlier time for an important work event or gathering; they are still going to leave you hanging and show up midway or at the very last minute!

The Comedian

Now, this is a person who is liked by all and you as well as your colleagues enjoy spending time with them. They are quirky, have a great sense of humor and their comedic timing is practically perfect. Your comedian co-worker usually has a joke or a funny story for every occasion and can lighten up the mood in no time. This person is also good at doing impressions of others so you might be better off by learning to laugh at yourself if you ever find them imitating you!

The Perfectionist

Basically, you are always reminded of your mother when you see this person around. They are incredibly organized, nothing is scattered on their desk or work station, they are on schedule for everything, they have long lists for each task and are well-prepared for any given task. The spick and span person is a perfectionist and quite rigid when it comes to details. You will find them following up regularly on email, keeping tabs on progress and also reminding other colleagues to catch up on their work.

The Temperature Tyrant

Ah! What to do with this problem? The temperature tyrant is that person whose body is always working against the temperature outside. If it’s cold, this person might be feeling hot and you may walk into the office with the air conditioning on at full blast and fans running high. In the summers, when you actually have the temperature adjusted to a cool breeze around the workplace, they will suddenly start feeling as if they are sitting at the North Pole.  You are never going to be able to sit with this person for too long without getting into an argument about the temperature settings which they are always changing!

The Panicker

This person is found within most workplaces and is always in a state of panic. You will find them running everywhere, falling over themselves, tripping other people, dropping things or searching for them. This person just doesn’t get a break! At times, even the boss or manager has to ask them to calm down and breathe. The panicker seems incapable of getting any work done without creating a panic about one thing or the other. It could be an important paper that might have disappeared in a large stack, a missing signature or just a meeting moved ahead or after its time; this person will make you feel like the world is about to collapse!

The Friend

You know how they talk about work besties, well this is it! The friend is your companion at work and probably the only person who feels your pain when the boss is giving you a tough time. They are right there with you in the best and worst, and have become closer to you than most of your friends. This person is your gossip partner and always knows what’s the current workplace drama going on, you can rant to them endlessly and they listen with patience, and you basically do not want to come to work if this person is not there!


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