Start this Nighttime Beauty Routine Now!

You cannot deny the importance of having a proper skincare and beauty routine, particularly one at night time. Having a skincare routine is what keeps it healthy can be the secret to attaining that flawless, glowing skin. When it comes to adopting a nighttime beauty routine, you must make sure that its one that works best for your skin.

Now, we know that it can be difficult to spend so much time figuring out what works best and then following a routine when all you want to do is relax and go to sleep. Well, we have found the perfect beauty routine which doesn’t require a lot of time or energy and can be done in ten to fifteen minutes!

Do this now!

  1. Must Remove Makeup and Cleanse Thoroughly

Sometimes, you might be too tired and exhausted to take off your makeup and may want to skip t completely. This is really not a good idea! Leaving makeup on, even a little bit, can cause a breakout and result in skin irritation. You can use makeup removing and cleansing water along with makeup wipes or on a cotton pad to smoothly remove all makeup. Use an everyday cleanser that suits your skin type to take out any skin damaging elements which could be remaining.










2. Treat and Tone

After you are done with cleansing, apply a toner by gently pressing a little on to the face. Toners are essential for skin prepping and can help balance the pH levels as well. If you do not feel like a toner is the right choice for you, then make sure that you do incorporate a skin treatment that boosts collagen. Applying a toner or treatment also keeps the skin hydrated.




3. Always Moisturize

This cannot be stressed enough. Whether you have oily skin or dry, moisturizing is absolutely essential in a skincare routine. Opt for a hydrating moisturizing which has a light texture and does not feel heavy on your skin. It will lock down everything that you have applied before and keep the skin nourished as well.





4. Target Your Eyes

Most people think that moisturizing is the last step in a skincare routine and it can be but you should remember that the area around your eyes is often neglected and requires special care.  Apply an eye cream, preferably one which also contains hyaluronic acid, underneath the eyes. This will ensure that the area stays hydrated and prevents fine lines too.



5. Vaseline or Oil for Lips

If you are looking to avoid dry and chapped lips, this could be a good solution. By dabbing a little Vaseline or even oil onto your lips you can help them stay hydrated and moisturized.






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