Tame Your Curls!

With the summer and humidity rising with each day, girls with curly hair find it very difficult to manage their hair. You remember Monica’s hair when she’s playing tennis in an episode of Friends? Well, most of us curly haired girls can feel that in this heat! Now, taming the curls takes a long time and if you are running late in the morning, you can pretty much say goodbye to any hope of staying frizz free for the rest of the day.

So what do you do? We give you some quick and harmless ways that you cannot only prevent frizz but also tame your curly hair!

  1. More Conditioner, Less Shampoo

You may find this slightly odd since in the summers you want to wash your hair as much as possible due to the humidity levels. However, this can result in over-washing and you may end up stripping your hair of its natural oils and moisture. Try washing your hair using a conditioner and look up the curly girl method in order to manage your curls better as the season changes.

  1. Try Hair Masks

Make them at home by using the products available in your kitchen or pick up some good hair masks that do not contain ingredients which can dry out the hair. Apply a moisturizing hair mask at least twice during the week in summer because it’s what can really rescue you on a bad hair day.

  1. Avoid Touching Hair

Yes, this can actually help a lot in making the hair smoother and frizz free! Sometimes, touching the hair or brushing them can add to the friction when it’s humid and you can avoid this by either detangling or combing the hair with your fingers when they are wet.

  1. Style Wet Hair

Those who have wavy and curly hair should begin styling them when they are dripping wet. Come out of the shower and begin working on your hair! The frizz begins to show as soon as the curls start to get dry which is why you can apply a gel or a hair serum to make sure that your hair remains free of it and you can step out without having to worry about the frizzy halo showing up.

  1. Do not Towel Dry

Drying hair with towels can result in the formation of frizz and make the curls look all over the place after some time. Instead of using regular towels, try out microfiber ones or juts pat them dry if nothing else is available. There are a few beauty experts who also recommend the use of paper towels after a shower.

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